Technology Overview

This is a reelceiver

It represents a point of interest

Reelceivers interconnect to form a reel

Reels communicate with our cloud service via a hub

Reelceivers identify radio devices at points of interest

Location is simply determined by proximity

Identity, location and sensor data are sent to our cloud service

And data is consumed from our cloud service via an API

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Point of Interest
Point of Interest
Point of Interest
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Radio-sensor reels

A radio-sensor reel is an innovative architecture that combines wireless identification, location and communication. Reels automatically connect and interact with radio devices in range, seamlessly relaying information to and from the reelyActive cloud service. Reels are a calibration-free, set-up-and-forget infrastructure that can simultaneously support a variety of radio communication protocols.

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Cloud service and API

The reelyActive cloud service processes the data collected from all reels, providing the relevant information via our API. A single semantic for any application, the API provides a common interface for systems integrators to quickly develop web apps and just as easily link with legacy systems.

Our software can also run locally for offline applications.

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